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Suggested Reading Order:
1) Home Ice 2) Fresh Ice 3) Wild Ice 4) Hot Ice
5) Blind Ice 6) Island Ice 7) Ice Flambé 8) Pure Ice

Thorne Creek


Suggested Reading Order:
1) Underneath It All 2) Runnin' Out of Road

Thorne Creek 2-book Romance Bundle

The Bad Boys of Hockey


Reading Order:
1) Riley's Rebel 2) Marlowe's Maverick 3) Cooper's Cougar

Bad Boys of Hockey 3-book Bargain Bundle


🏵 Short Stories 🏵
Erotic Romance

The Me Series


Reading Order:
1) Watch Me 2) Jingle Me 3) Tease Me
4) Ménage à Me 5) Surprise Me 6) Please Me

Me Series Stories 1-5 Bundle