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December NEWS
Letter to Santa

Crush 21 Exclusive Early Release Presale

November NEWS
❧ New Rock Star Romance Coming Your Way!

Here Comes the Sun...

Hockey Gods: Origins

Your cowboy has arrived!

Romance just rolled into town...

October NEWS
❧ This smooth-talkin' hockey player wears cowboy boots!

Wild Ice ~ Moment of Zen

September NEWS
❧ Wildflower Wednesday

Mama's Ink ~ Moment of Zen

Something to get excited about!

Ice Cowboy Cover Reveal Video

Ice Cowboy Pre-order

Encouraging Words ❣ Motivational Monday

August NEWS
 I Choose Courage
 Falling Awake ~ Moment of Zen

Hockey Gods ↔ Into the forest we go...

7 Cheap Date Night Ideas
A Look Inside Revecka's closet
You and Me, Forever We'll Be ❤ Growing Old Together
Music Turns the Pages 𝆕 Romance Book Playlists on Spotify
Island Ice 🌴 Moment of Zen

❧ 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know

❧ Pixie's Promise Book Trailer

❧ Pixie's Promise Release Day!

Wildflower Chasing

Pixie's Promise Playlist

❧ HBO Deadwood Movie 2019 Update

April NEWS
❧ Fools for Love

Top 5 Sinful Colors List

Game of Thrones ⚔ Flashback Friday

Rock and a Hard Place Release Day ♥ Who's your dream rescuer?

March NEWS
Pixie's Promise Pre-order

Moment of Zen ≈ Underneath It All

Hump Day Hunks: Ben

It Must Be Love ♥ Nathan & Sarah

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