Pixie's Promise

Pixie's Promise

All it takes to be a successful lingerie designer is fearlessness and yards of talent, right? So then why is Revecka Zee making ends meet by selling naughty sex toys and bachelorette party favors out of her downtown boutique? And now Adam Wright, IT extraordinaire, is fixing her computer and thinks she’s much too sinful for a stuffed shirt like him. Maybe she’ll just let him think she’s all curves and no brain.

Truth is, Adam can see beneath Revecka’s winged eyeliner and colorful tattoos. Just being around her sends his pulse racing and his mind swirling with NSFW fantasies. But when she offers him a one-night-stand, he’s shocked by the things she wants to do with him. And now Adam knows exactly what he has to do to keep her and he’ll do absolutely anything to find out the secret she’s been keeping so close to her heart.

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    pixie's promise by romance author rachelle vaughn

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