Blind Ice

True love really is blind...

Blind Ice
Razors Ice, Book 5

Bestselling romance author Rachelle Vaughn returns with the heartwarming story of two sisters about to discover that sometimes love really is blind and the only way to move forward is to close both eyes and take a leap of faith.

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Praise for the Razors Ice series

Here's what reviewers are saying about BLIND ICE!

"I love how Rachelle Vaughn combines two stories into one. This book will take you on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs with challenges that all are able to work through together to make a very happy ending. Even though part of a series it can be a stand alone too!"

"Love it - This is a great story. Very different than most. Here we have a h that has real issues and not a whine from her. What a difference from most of these stories where the boyfriend dumps them and they whine through most of the book. Kudos."

"Awesome - Another great read from Rachelle!!! I can't wait for her her next hockey romance!!! Loved all the characters in this book!!!"

"Five stars - Really enjoyed this series so far."

"l luvve this book."

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