Razors Ice

Join Rachelle Vaughn as she delivers the hottest hockey players ever to lace up skates
in a series so scrumptious, you'll beg for more!

Razors Ice, Book 1

Ally's regular life collides with Ben's fast-paced world of hockey. The two couldn't be more different, but that doesn't stop love from blossoming in this sweet romance.​

Razors Ice, Book 2

Armed with a backpack full of romance novels and the dream of escaping her abusive uncle, Sarah Hammond flees to Red Valley to start a new life. When Sarah meets Nathan Connors, the back-up goaltender for the Red Valley Razors hockey team, she learns that she's not the only one running from the past.

Razors Ice, Book 3

When tragedy strikes, JD Mason’s world is turned upside down. Rather than look to his family and teammates for support, he escapes into his grief and shuts everyone away. He abandons the sport he loves and retires from playing hockey at the ripe old age of thirty. His plan to be left alone is shattered when Lauren, a free-spirited ornithologist, barges onto his private property and into his life.

Razors Ice, Book 4

As if Red Valley, California wasn't hot enough in the summertime, Rachelle Vaughn's HOT ICE bumps up the thermometer a few more scorching degrees!

Razors Ice, Book 5

Bestselling romance author Rachelle Vaughn returns with the heartwarming story of two sisters about to discover that sometimes love really is blind and the only way to move forward is to close both eyes and take a leap of faith.

Razors Ice, Book 6

Ready to trade your skates for flip-flops? Star hockey player Colton Greene might not have a choice...​

Razors Ice, Book 7

When love-resistant hockey player Lucas Leighton develops a taste for chef Morgana Rossi, his legendary willpower is put to the ultimate test.

Razors Ice, Book 8

Landon Turner doesn’t know if happily-ever-after exists, but in a city like Red Valley, anything can happen…

hot sexy cowboy book cover razors ice series
Razors Ice, Book 9

Jesse Chaparrel isn't the kind of man Laurell ever imagined falling for. But, as Jesse's kind heart and hardworking ways melt her heart, she begins to think it might be possible to find true love out in the country after all...

The books in the Razors Ice series are standalone and can be read in any order.
Suggested reading order: 
4) Hot Ice

hot sexy sweet hockey romance series book covers razors ice

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