Saturday, November 2, 2019

I am a hockey fan

I am a hockey fan.
I pay hard-earned money to sit behind the glass.
I hold my breath when a player is knocked down and I don't breathe until he gets back up again.
I pay for a jersey with my favorite player's name on the back, even though he might not always play for the team on the front.
I search for images on Pinterest and Instagram about hockey
I like funny cartoons depicting Bettman as The Grinch.
I flinch when a player is hit into the boards.
My heart races when two players circle each other right before a fight.
I have a pink jersey and wear it proudly, even though it's not my team's colors. Not because I'm not a "real" fan, but because I just love hockey period.
I blink back tears when the players hoist the Cup whether or not I like them. I respect the hard work and dedication it took to win it.
I get a lump in my throat when the National Anthem is sung. (for both the US and Canada.)
I watch the playoffs all the way through, even if my team is eliminated.
My TV never changes from the NHL Network.
I love hockey.
I am a hockey fan.
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