Friday, June 7, 2019

You and Me, Forever We'll Be ♥ Growing Old Together

You hear it all the time: "I want someone to grow old with." Well, when you do find that one super-special human you want to spend the rest of your life with, that's exactly what happens. You grow old together. Literally.

As the years pass, the gray hairs start popping up on the both of you, your skin starts to lose its glow and firmness, and wrinkles start creeping in. First, around your eyes in the form of crow's feet, and then between your eyebrows where you frown when you're trying to work out a problem.

One day you wake up and you don't even recognize the face staring back at you in the mirror. And, in a comforting yet startling way, the person you lay your head next to at night is going through the exact same thing.

Your bodies and hormones start to change and you get older. You say to each other, "Boy, am I glad I've got you here with me to hold my hand during this crazy ride that is life."

Aging is hard. It takes a while to accept that you aren't 22 anymore. When you're young, your fearless and oblivious and you don't even think about what things'll be like in twenty years. And when you start having those milestone birthdays, it starts to dawn on you.

You will change, you will age, no matter how much you want to fight it. There's nothing you can do to turn back the calendar. That's why it's so important to surround yourself with people who care about you. That's why it's imperative to pin all your hopes and dreams on someone who loves you unconditionally. Someone who respects you and laughs at your silly recycled jokes and doesn't judge you or your looks or your deepening wrinkles and thinning hair. That person is everything to you for a reason. They're the one who's there with you behind closed doors and who sees you at your worst when the difficult days outnumber the good ones. It's a great thing to have. And it's a great thing to have someone in your corner, someone who's on your side, encouraging you, comforting you, loving you.

I couldn't make this climb up and over the proverbial hill without my hubby, and I wouldn't want to. We've been through so much. His stuff and my stuff combine together to make some crazy baggage, but it's ours. And I love him for the young man he was, the devoted man he is and the man he'll become as we get even older. He's a keeper--as long as he doesn't wise up and trade me in for a newer model!

Here's to growing together. Wiser and older and everything in between.

Happy Anniversary, D.
I love you,

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