Sunday, June 2, 2019

Revecka's Closet ♥ Pixie's Promise

If I could have the wardrobe of any of my characters, I'd definitely choose Revecka's from Pixie's Promise. I know, I know, it would be awesome to jump into Avery's closet from Island Ice--she is a fashion designer after all--but I'm totally obsessed with Rev's pinup vibe.

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So, I thought it'd be fun to put together a virtual closet full of all the looks I imagine are taking up space in the pink-haired goddess' wardrobe. Btw, all of these items are clickable and available on Amazon. I think I'll head over there now and do some ordering!






What do you think? Could you see yourself rockin' any of these looks? My next book is all about a rock star and I've got some ideas about what she'd wear on stage...

I could totally see Revecka on the cover of Vogue!

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