Sunday, March 11, 2012

What type of guy turns you on?

Do you get revved up by a Bad Boy? Leather jacket, reckless attitude, motorcycle...need I say more?
Or, do you prefer a Man in Uniform? One who suits up to fight fires or crime on a daily basis...
Maybe you like the type of guy who knows the difference between HTML and URL...

What about Hockey Players? Do they get your blood pumpin' on and off the ice?

Leave your comment below. Can't choose just one? Go ahead and choose as many as you like :)

Is there another group of guys not on the list who "float your boat"? Feel free to "write in" anyone I might have left out. 

Personally, I like all of the above (Shirtless and single is good enough for me!) and would also like to add Funny Guys. (Dane Cook anyone?) A good looking guy who can make you laugh? You can't get much better than that...


  1. I notice whether he has a shirt on or not (assuming I can find my glasses) but the guy I want to spend time with is kind, honest, and pulling his share of the load--emotionally, financially, logistically. No boys allowed. Men only.

  2. I agree. These are all must-have qualities in a man!

  3. Well, it's probably pretty obviously that I'd prefer those last two! Haha! I'm so excited to check out your hockey-related novels! SO excited. I blew through Rachel Gibson's books and am dying for something new!

  4. I have to admit I'm biased when it comes to hockey players, too! There's just something about the uniform and the skates and... *shivers*. I love your website and I hope you like Home Ice! It's my love story to the sport. Happy Reading! :)