Friday, March 2, 2012

Share the Love

These last couple of months, I've received some wonderful letters from readers about Home Ice. I couldn't be more overjoyed to read their kind words about the characters that mean so much to me. This kind of feedback just makes my day and I'm so grateful to everyone who took time out of their busy day to contact me.
     It also got me thinking about how I got to this point in my writing career and the people who have inspired me along the way. A few stand out in my mind, most of whom I thank for their support on a regular basis, but there was one person from my past that I knew I had to get in touch with.
     So, recently I contacted one of my high school teachers who was a great influence and mentor to me from the very beginning. He actually remembered me and was thrilled to hear about my journey to becoming a published author. As we exchanged e-mails, I was once again inspired by his encouraging words.
     In our overly critical society, I think it's important to remember the simple kindness of appreciation. Sometimes saying "thank you" is just as nice as hearing it.
     Is there someone who's inspired you today, yesterday or even back when scrunchies were in style? Someone who believed in you when the odds were stacked against you? A friend who stood by you when no one else did?
     Maybe you think fondly of your Home Ec. teacher every time you bake chocolate chip cookies. Maybe a close friend encouraged you in your recent weight loss. (Step away from the cookies!)
     Take a minute out of your day to let that special someone know how they've positively affected your life. Write it in the sky from an airplane or just drop them an e-mail or put a friendly sticky note on their desk.
     Who knows? You just might make someone's day :)

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  1. Rachel, I have to say that you have inspired me to check out some romantic fiction! As a writer of Sci Fi, I have tried to portray realistic reactions to emotional circumstances, but I think I could do a better job of that if I spend a little time reading the serious stuff.

    Thanks for a great post!