Thursday, January 13, 2022


Home Ice was my first novel. Most of it was written at my kitchen table and the rest was thought up during my day job and written down later on my lunch hour, during breaks and on the weekends.

I’d always wanted to write a book. My early stories mostly consisted of me rewriting my favorite stories and movie plots. In the seventh grade, we read The Outsiders in English class. When the teacher told us that S.E. Hinton was fifteen when she wrote the book, I remember thinking to myself, “I’m only twelve. I could have my book written way before that.” Although I did try, I didn't manage to finish before the deadline. 

For a long time, I put writing aside when I let life get in the way. I got married, bought a house, did all the things I was “supposed” to do, but it always seemed like something was missing. It wasn’t until I transferred to what ended up being a boring and incredibly monotonous job that I started thinking about writing again. Once I opened the floodgate, Home Ice was born and I haven’t stopped writing since.

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