Sunday, May 17, 2020

My Life is the Great British Hinterland

With so much time spent staying home and not going on adventures for Vaughn the Road Again, Wildflower Wednesday and Wings and Daydreams, I've been watching even more TV than normal. I even found some new-to-me shows that I absolutely love. Although my three new faves have almost nothing in common, they all originate from countries outside the US. Hmm, interesting.

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If you're looking for something fresh to watch, here are a few I recommend trying...

I've never even been much of a fan of murder mystery shows, but this one is ah-mazing. It's filmed in Wales, which is absolutely gorgeous, and it's so freakin' deep (and sometimes a little effed-up) with its complex story lines and heavy subject matter that I get chill bumps all over my whole body at least once per episode. Netflix has combined each two-part episode into one and it's like watching a movie every time. I just finished the first season and can't wait to start the second because each and every episode has been excellent (and haunting af). Way to raise the bar!

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The Great British Baking Show
I've been a long-time fan of British comedies (Miranda, Peep Show, The Inbetweeners, Friday Night Dinner are laugh-out-loud), but I enjoy this reality baking competition even more than the ones over on Food Network. There's something so relaxing about watching people take baked goods in and out of the oven, amiright? Plus, Paul Hollywood's (yes, that's his real name, the lucky dog) are so blue and dreamy that it's easy to get lost in them even when he's talking about the optimal structure and texture of a loaf of bread.

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My Life is Murder
Now this is the show that got me on the whole murder mystery kick. It's Australian, filmed in beautiful Melbourne, is waaaay "lighter" than Hinterland, stars Lucy Lawless, and is delightful to watch. The first episode with the male escort was hot. I hope they come out with a second season because I binge-watched the first in like a week. Also, it's awesome to see Bernard Curry in an acting role when I'd only ever seen him host Beauty and the Geek Australia. Hey, there's another great show to watch for fun!

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Well, there you have it. My three new favorite TV shows from Wales, the UK and Australia. I love a little variety, don't you?

Has the quarantine forced you to broaden your horizons? Let me know in the comments which TV shows you're devouring right now...

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