Saturday, April 4, 2020

Teen Romance Book Sale 🎕 Falling Awake 60% OFF

If you're looking for a clean and wholesome read, Falling Awake is on sale at Smashwords for 60% off!

sweet coma romance falling awake romance author rachelle vaughn

Carli Thornley and Josh Thornton grew up together in the picturesque town of August Lake. Despite their family’s differences, the two banded together to face high school together, becoming best friends. Carli immerses herself in her education while Josh lives for hockey and his dream of becoming the Red Valley Razors next draft pick.

One warm spring day, in broad daylight, Carli’s worst fears come true. In the blink of an eye, a terrible accident happens and Josh slips into a coma. His family is torn apart and Carli is left to pick up the shattered pieces. Her loyalty is tested like she never could have imagined and shocking secrets about Josh’s family are revealed. Carli strives to hold his family together, but even with her best efforts, Josh remains unreachable. Until one day everything changes.

In the summer that follows the accident, Carli must face the consequences of that single fateful day and find a way to cope…or the courage to move on.

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