Sunday, October 13, 2019

This smooth-talkin' hockey player wears cowboy boots!

It’s the off-season and the last thing Jesse Chaparrel wants to talk about is hockey. So when Laurell Monahan unexpectedly shows up on his Northern California cattle ranch, asking questions about his game and his daughter, Jesse has his suspicions about who the clever brunette really is. She might claim to be there answering his ad for an in-house chef, but it turns out she couldn’t scramble an egg to save her life.

Somehow Laurell’s inexperience in the kitchen and city slicker ways overshadow Jesse’s doubts and get him to thinkin’ about hot summer nights in the hayloft and convincing her to give up her big-city life for good and plant some roots in Red Valley with him.

Too bad she’s harboring a suitcase full of secrets that threaten everything and everyone he holds dear…

shirtless cowboy book covers
November 13th, 2019
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