Sunday, August 4, 2019

I Choose Courage

After feeling disheartened and discouraged about the horrific things happening in the news day after day, week after week, I needed an extra dose of courage today. So, I looked to some words I'd written when things weren't so uncertain:

"Paranoia pushed aside, Sarah squared her shoulders and drew inspiration from the kick-ass heroines in the books she loved so much. They always knew just what to do and say in every situation. She could be like that. She would be brave and fearless even though it might be a little scary at first. This was her new life and she could write it any way she wanted."
~from Fresh Ice

"We can't live in fear," Hubby says to me. So I won't. I'll push it aside and be brave because the life I've written for myself isn't about letting others control my actions or dictate my choices. It's about being fearless and living life to the fullest because the time we have on this earth is too damned short to let someone else make it that much smaller and less fulfilling.

I choose courage.


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