Monday, March 7, 2016

Buckle up for a sexy ride with Runnin' Out of Road!

You've read Emily's story in Underneath It All, now it's time for Nick to take the wheel...

Fresh from a tour overseas, a stint on an oil rig and a commercial fishing boat before that, Nick Barrett has been battling a case of wanderlust his entire life. When he’s given the opportunity to settle down in a permanent home, he naturally high-tails it out of town, gunning all 450 horsepower in his 1970 Chevelle in the process. On the road, he meets Leah Lane, a sexy hitchhiker who gives him a run for his money. Will the two of them find what it is that they’re looking for or run out of road in the meantime?

What are you waiting for? This road trip won't last forever!

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