Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Why I'm glad Justified is over

Reason #1: Now I won’t have to worry about which character they’re going to kill off this week.

Reason #2: Well, there really aren’t any more reasons. I loved the show and looked forward to watching it probably more than any other show on TV right now. (Sorry, Supernatural.) Apologies for the misleading title of this post.

Justified on FX

I was late arriving to the Justified party and didn’t discover the show until it was in its third season. But that was just fine with me because I love bingewatching a show to get caught up on it.

The dialogue was fantastic and the dynamic between the characters was amazing. Even the minor characters made you care about their fates. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Most people don’t use words like "subsequent," "recanted" and "extricate" when they speak. And I certainly don’t use them in my writing. But they sure sounded good coming out of Timothy Olyphant’s beautiful mouth.

I hope the actors from the show go on to make many more movies and TV shows because I can’t wait to see Walton Goggins’ pearly whites lighting up my TV screen again.

Walton Goggins

Which TV shows were you "late to the party" on watching?

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