Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Welcome Home

There's a new addition to the Vaughn family!

I'd like you to meet Minny, our new Robo Dwarf Hamster.

I've never had a hamster before (not even when I was a kid) and I never even had a desire to have one, but sometimes the unexpected happens...

Hubby and I were 80 miles away from home on a little shopping trip. We decided to walk through the pet store while we were waiting for a nearby restaurant to open for lunch. I was cruising by the hamster cages when I saw this little fluff ball with white eyebrows. She took one look at me with this adorable look of surprise and scurried off to hide. A few seconds later, she came back out and started showing off on her wheel. I couldn't get over how small and cute she was. And I liked the fact that she didn't have a tail. (Those rats really creep me out!)

When we asked the store clerk about her, he said, "Oh, the Robo?"

We laughed and thought it was a pretty cool name for such a cute little creature.

"Are we really buying a hamster?" I asked my hubby as we pondered over cages. (We ended up buying the purple one, of course.) "It looks that way," he replied. Our shopping trip was cut short that day and  we never did make it to lunch. I couldn't be happier.

I named her Minny after my obsession with all things Minnesota. (It is The State of Hockey after all!) By the third day she was eating sunflower seeds out of my hand. I never even intended to interact with her much. I thought she could just run around on her wheel while I wrote my stories. But now she is a part of the family and my cat just loves to watch her.

So, the moral of the story is to keep an open mind because you never know what you might come home with.

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