Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How they spent their summer vacation...

So long summer! Autumn is on the way!

This summer I watched a lot of DVD’s, planned a fictitious trip around the world on Pinterest and spent way too much time in the shoe aisle at Kohl’s. 

Meanwhile, hockey players jetted around the globe to their home towns and had vacations of their own. Here's a small sampling of how they spent the off-season...

The Kings took turns spending a day with The Cup, golfed and golfed some more...
Dustin Brown and cup handler Mike Bolt
Anze Kopitar and Matthew Perry
Dustin Penner's day with the Cup
Dustin Brown & Bailey
Dustin Brown & his son
Anze Kopitar

The Great Alexander Ovechkin watched his girlfriend Maria Kirilenko play tennis at the Olympics where she won Bronze...

Tyler Seguin got a new dog named Marshall...

...and Jodi Shelley met Hulk Hogan...

I hope you had a great summer and as much fun as "our boys" did.

Here’s to winter, my absolute favorite season. The time of year where I can justify staying in and curling up with a good book or pulling the covers back over my head and sleeping late.

Bring on the Snuggies and hot cocoa!


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