Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

Hockey playoffs start tomorrow!

I'm pretty excited about the team match-ups. The Bruins are up against the Caps and the Penguins are playing the Flyers. I like all four of these teams and am torn between who to root for. When the Rangers play the Senators, I know I'll be rooting for King Henrik and the Rangers. Then there are the Sharks and the Blues. The Sharks, heaven help them, find a way to disappoint us Northern Californians year after year, so I won't hold my breath. (But I will be secretly cheering for them because, after all, they are my home team.)

No matter who ultimately wins, I know I'll get all teary-eyed when The Cup is hoisted and history is made. Man, I love this sport.

Who will you be rooting for? Any predictions?

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