Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kontinental Hockey League

I think I must be the only American with the Russian hockey league website bookmarked on my computer. (If there’s anyone else out there, let me know!) It isn’t very often that I get to use the “translate” option on my computer. I was ecstatic to find an article about Nabby being welcomed to his new team. He now plays for SKA St-Petersburg. It’s so strange to see him in a non-teal jersey. Oh, Nabby, I will miss you!
In Sharks news, everyone is speculating on who will wear the “C” this season now that Blake has retired. In my opinion, Dan Boyle should be captain. No one else really jumps out at me as captain material. I’m hearing a lot of Joe Thornton suggestions, but he doesn’t really do it for me. Oh, well, whoever ends up with the captaincy will be fine with me as long as they’ve built a team that can make it through the playoffs this year. Successfully.

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