Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On a sad note...

Today the Sharks announced that they are not offering a contract to goaltender Evgeni Nabakov. I think most, if not all, Sharks fans saw this one coming after our recent “trends” in the playoffs. I find myself feeling both sad and optimistic about the news. On one hand Nabby is/was my favorite player on the team. I am so fond of him that I based a character in Home Ice (Alexandre “Sebby” Sebastien) after him. 
       On the other hand (or glove), it was inevitable after his performance(s) during the playoffs. He has been stellar during the regular season and then seemed to tank when we needed him the most during that final push for the Cup. Maybe now San Jose will be one step closer to finally making it happen this year. Here’s hoping his departure is not for naught. 
       Good luck Nabby, wherever you end up. You will always be the original Number 20.

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