Submerse yourself...

A private island in the South Pacific
A man who specializes in sexual healing
A woman drowning in the past

Come on in...the water's warm.
Take the plunge and discover what you've been missing.
-Clothing optional-

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Olivia Sharpe lives in glitzy Las Vegas at the top of the Sharpe Hotel and Casino. Five years ago, the first and only time she gave herself to a man, something terrible happened. Since then, she's remained isolated where no one can hurt her.  In a moment of weakness, she calls a male escort and then everything changes...

Praise for Submersed

Here's what reviewers are saying about Claire Embry's steamy novel!

"Hot, steamy, captivating - Rachelle Vaughn shows she can handle hot and steamy! In Submersed, Olivia Sharpe is an artist and a bit...removed from people. She lives in a hotel environment without a whole lot of friends. Ms. Vaughn developed her characters well and drew me in from the very first page. The descriptions were vivid and detailed and I got the sense that Olivia, even though extremely wealthy, was unhappy and distrustful of men who she thought wanted nothing but her money. That all changes when she hires an escort. I don't want to give too much else away. I enjoyed this book very much!"

"Loved this book! - Submersed is the first novel by Rachelle Vaughn I have read so I was unsure what to expect. I loved the characters. The story had enough eroticism to be an exciting read but what captivated me was the journey of healing that Olivia had to face. Being a fan of Las Vegas, I loved the setting of the novel as well."

"Good read - A journey of self-discovery. This story was surprising and a wonderful tale of romance that will keep you reading. The characters both display strengths & weaknesses that you can easily connect with. The author enlightens readers to a sensitive subject that easily could happen to anyone. The journey of both characters will capture you."

"Such a touching story! It reminds me of myself in a way. I used to get to nervous to take a two min walk from my home to check the timetable for public transport. I finally blossomed on and built up courage to be around people and out in the public. I'm so glad it all turned out for her. It just proves the true effects of one person's spiteful actions could do to another. We don't think about how our actions can really cause damage on another person. I loved Dillon throughout this book!! :)"