Friday, April 26, 2019

He's her rescue!

Hooray! It's Release Day for Rock and a Hard Place!

Angelina is strong and capable, but she finds herself in an extremely challenging situation and must depend on alpha hero Reed to rescue her. Tensions flare and sparks fly, and when the snow starts falling, these two find their own way to heat up their creekside campsite.

This story's a HOT one and I had to put ice cubes in my cocoa while writing it in the middle of winter! Order your copy today and let me know who you dream of being rescued by. Are you stranded in the ocean while snorkeling and catch a glimpse of Jason Momoa swimming toward you through the waves?

Did your car break down in the mountains and Jason Statham is the only "mechanic" around? (Yeah, I know he wasn't technically that kind of car fixer-upper, but go with me here!)

Or did you crash land in the bayou and get a little help from sexy shirtless Jason Stackhouse?

Or, maybe you just like the thought of being rescued by a rock hard hunk named Jason. 😏

Hey, wait a minute. Those are some intriguing ideas! Maybe I should write a whole series of these "Stranded" stories...

Whatever your fantasy, I hope you enjoy Rock and a Hard Place, which was inspired by my hikes through Lassen Volcanic National Park last autumn.

Happy fantasizing!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Oh, Hoppy Day!


Friday, April 12, 2019

Game of Thrones ⚔ Flashback Friday

To celebrate the return of Game of Thrones, we're flashing back to when I published Hockey Gods, my fantasy/action/adventure book that was inspired by the HBO show and written with my fellow hockey fans in mind.

Dear Reader,

As a hockey fan, I often find myself mentioning the elusive “hockey gods” while watching a game. As in: “The hockey gods had a hand in that short-handed goal” and “Man, the hockey gods sure weren’t smiling on such and such team tonight.” Players pray to them and commentators thank them for trades, goals, etc.

Like many of you, I spent the summer glued to my TV watching Game of Thrones. And then it hit me upside the head—like most of my ideas do—wouldn't it be great to have a story with all of the same enchanting elements, but about hockey?

So I sat down in my writing cave and mixed together elements from my favorite fantasy/action/adventure stories, weaved in some betrayal and sex, threw in a dash of violence with a twist of magic, revolved it all around my favorite sport, and Hockey Gods was born.

I hope you enjoy Nataliya and Calder's adventure as they set out to win the coveted Cup and become the greatest, most revered heroes of all time—the Hockey Gods.

Immortally Yours,
Rachelle Vaughn

inspired by game of thrones, written for hockey fans

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Top 5 Sinful Colors Nail Polish List

Hello, I'm Rachelle Vaughn and I'm a nail polish junkie.

After being a diehard Wet n Wild fan (probably because of the super affordable price), I discovered Sinful Colors when they were on sale for 99 cents. As you can tell from my collection below, that discovery has developed into a full-blown obsession...

The clerk at Walgreen's once asked me if I had a salon. In my defense, I was only purchasing a handful of new colors. I guess that's the only way I could justify buying more than one? Come on lady, let a girl have her fun!

Me wearing #105 Midnight Blue in Lassen Volcanic National Park

There's something exciting about bringing home a new color of your favorite brand. The possibilities are endless. You can ombre it with similar shades you already have, you can match it to your cute new sandals, you can add it as polka dots to a contrasting color.

Even if it doesn't apply the way you wanted it to or clashes with your skin tone, it will still look cute on the shelf with the rest of your collection.

top 5 sinful colors nail polish
#1148 Supernova

And then there are the colors that you fall in love with. Even though you have dozens of others to wear, you find yourself reaching for those same favorites time and time again. Today, I thought I'd share five of my ultimate faves with you.

From left to right:
#961 FIG

I've never used an entire bottle of nail polish before, but I'm dangerously close to doing that with these fabulous colors. The two on the left have a shimmer to them, and I find that helps them to stay on your nails a few days longer than the ones that don't. The purple one in the middle is my signature color and it's usually what I leave on my toes all the time. The baby blue one is too cute because it's the color of my favorite duck's bill (read more about that seemingly strange explanation here), and the dark pink one on the end? Well, I'd never take if off if it weren't for my love of the other four.

Showing you what the inside of a pine cone looks like while wearing #321 Forget Now

So, there ya have it. I've bared my shameful secret, now it's your turn. Do you find yourself adding to your nail polish collection, even when it's *gasp* not on sale? Or do you collect something entirely different? Don't even get me started on lipstick! That's another post for another time. And then there are books and candles and...

top 5 sinful colors nail polish
#1398 Pine Away

Monday, April 1, 2019

Fools for Love

Today I'm celebrating a few of my favorite fools in love from my books...

Happy April Fools' Day!