Monday, February 8, 2016

Underneath the Story

Underneath It All ~ Inspiration for the Book

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Do not read this blog post until you've read Underneath It All!

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Okay, all caught up?
Keep reading to find out my inspiration for the book...

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There used to be a show on A&E called Hoarders. The show has long since ended, but not before inspiring several spin-offs on other networks. While watching the original show, I was fascinated with how a person’s mental illness could cause them to fill up their house with tons of items, some of which had no monetary value and some that were simply garbage. (And don't even get me started on the ones who hoard animals.) Experts, psychiatrists, professional organizers and family members were brought in to help the hoarder sort through their things and return their house back to “normal.” It was wonderful to see the success stories and watch as desperate people finally reclaimed their lives after years of distress and shame.

But what about the families who didn't seek help? What about the families who are left to pick up the pieces (and the junk) after a loved one passes awayThe questions can really start to pile up with no one around to answer them.When the hoarder isn't there to answer "why," then how do the families find closure? Those are a few of the many questions I asked myself and that’s how Emily’s story was born.  

I hope you enjoyed Emily's journey in Underneath It All. Although it isn't the most glamorous subject matter, this plucky heroine discovers a lot more than junk in her mother's hoard and I'm so glad I managed to weave in some romance and a happily ever after for her. She deserves it!

Be sure to look for Emily's brother's story, Runnin' Out of Road, which comes out March 7th. The Thorne Creek story continues as Nick tries to find his own closure and his happily ever after isn't far behind. Nick's adventure on the road (and in love) is a bit steamier than Emily's and is one of my personal favorites.

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Buckle up for a sexy ride in Runnin' Out of Road, the sequel to Underneath It All!