Saturday, January 28, 2012

Movies Featuring Writers

I remember the first time I watched Romancing the Stone. I was probably 10 or 12 and I knew right away that I wanted to be just like Joan Wilder. I wanted to be a romance novelist. I could easily see myself shut away from the world with only my typewriter and my cat. (Ooh, that was eerie - I just looked up from my keyboard and over at my cat!)

It was then that I started writing characters like Jesse and Jack T. Colton. Strong men who swept women off their feet with their strong muscles and take-charge attitude. Over the years, my heroes have changed a bit. Most of them still have strong muscles, but they've lost that macho "women are inferior" mentality. My men have a soft spot, something about them that makes them vulnerable...relatable. Sure, he can still ride in and rescue the heroin, but most of the time she'll ride out on her own horse!

Some other favorite movies featuring characters who are writers are:
Her Alibi - Tom Selleck and a beautiful, mysterious woman. What's not to love?

Of course, The Jewel of the Nile, the sequel to Romancing the Stone.

I Capture the Castle - Romola Garai's character is a writer as well as her father. Love this movie and love Romola (my muse for Ally in Home Ice) even more. Bonus points for being based on a novel by Dodie Smith.

Paper Man - A wonderful film no one's ever heard of starring Jeff Daniels and Emma Stone. The twist came out and slapped me in the face. Laughed, cried, bought it on DVD.

I know there are many more to add to the list. What are some of your favorites?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Home Ice

Home Ice is now in paperback at Amazon! It's also part of the 4-for-3 promotion where you can buy any 4 eligible items and get the lowest-priced item free. I can't tell you how many times I've used this promotion at Amazon because I usually buy several different books at once anyway, so why not get one for free!

I know that ebooks are the wave of the future, but I have to admit I'm still a bit "old school" when it comes to books. There's just something about the feel and smell of a new paperback in your hands. I like to see them lined up on my bookshelves where I can arrange and re-arrange them in whatever order I want. I like that their colorful spines look like art.

Even when it comes to writing I find myself having a difficult time when it comes to "going green". I'm still more comfortable writing with a pen and paper. I know it's not the most efficient way because eventually I have to type all those pages into Word, but I like the fluidity of writing on paper, the smell of the ink, the sound of my pen scratching across the page. Or maybe it's because that's just how I grew up writing before I had a computer. (Oh, the memories! I had an electric typewriter, too!)

However you choose to curl up with a good book, have fun getting lost in someone else's fictional world for a while. :) RV

Thursday, January 19, 2012

B&N ~ Hockey Romance and Erotica Books

Now you can buy Submersed and Home Ice at Barnes&!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Romance Author Life

These last few weeks have been quite a whirlwind for me! I was so nervous/anxious/excited to release my first novel Home Ice out into the world and the response has been more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much to everyone who has downloaded it at Amazon. (If you don't have a Kindle, the paperback version will be available in the coming weeks.)

My second book, Submersed, is also available now. It is a much more intimate and steamy novel and I can't wait to write more stories in this genre.

Currently, I am working on a variety of projects including (but not limited to) some shorter steamier stories for quick reading, another hockey-themed romance novel to continue the Red Valley Ice series AND an angel-themed paranormal novel about four kick-ass half-angel, half-human sisters!

So, even if you don't care for hockey (gasp!), there will be a variety of novels coming soon in different genres to choose from. Whew! Now, I'd better get back to work...

Thank you for being a part of my dream come true and Happy Reading!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brand New Intimate Erotic Book ~ Submersed

I'm excited to announce that my new book Submersed is now available at for Kindle. It is a special, intimate story and I hope you like it!

Buy it here.
The paperback version will be available in February.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Home Ice

Buy Here
My new novel Home Ice is now available on for Kindle. Buy it here.
The paperback version will be coming soon later this month!

Saturday, January 7, 2012