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Praise for the Razors Ice series

hockey romance book rachelle vaughn sexy marlowe's maverick bad boy

Book One of the exciting new Bad Boys of Hockey Trilogy!

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The first in a sexy new series, Rachelle Vaughn introduces Ryan, Gavin and Coop—three bad-boy heroes who smoothly mix hot hockey action and scorching sex appeal…

Security guard Jenna Riley is a quintessential good girl. She works hard, stays out of trouble and keeps the peace in the up-and-coming gated community of Harlequin Hills. Day after day she watches as residents drive in and out of the community in their pricy cars, all the while ignoring her curiosity about their glamorous lives. They are Red Valley’s wealthiest and include Ryan Wade, natural goal-scorer for the Razors. He has heartbreaker written all over him and just when Jenna thinks the only glimpse she’ll get of the hockey player with the rugged good looks and killer smile is from afar, a cougar—a real-life, fang-bearing wildcat—starts prowling the neighborhood and all hell breaks loose.

Ryan proves he has moves off the ice that are just as smooth as the ones he uses on the ice, but Jenna doubts she can fall for someone who keeps everyone pushed so far away. This bad boy’s heart is as guarded as the gated community he lives in and half as welcoming. Can Ryan convince her that he’s ready for forever? Or will it be the other way around?

"Must read - This was such a gut wrenching, wonderful story. Oh Nathan what a wonderful man. With a past of his own he still shows Sarah a love like no other...I love that Nathan is a hockey player, and so sweet it just makes him so wonderful. This is a must read!"

"I really enjoyed delving into the lives of Sarah and Nathan. This book had everything I was looking for."

"I needed a good pick me up and Fresh Ice definitely satisfied my cravings. It has stunning character development shown by Sarah and her transition from a meek and timid girl to a stronger independent woman. It captures true drama of the uncertainty and paranoia that Sarah feels as she tries to flee her past. Nathan is the guy whom every girl aspires to be with. He is the perfect gentleman complete with just the right amount of protective impulses."

"Me, as a reader, experienced everything with this couple. I felt like I was there...I would LOVE to see what else this author has in store. She knows how to appeal to the crowd with her easy dialogue and non-complex prose."

"Read this title. It's perfect for a slow, sitting in your chair with coffee, kind of day."

"Fans of
Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks will enjoy."

"I loved this story - The main characters were great. He was so sweet and so was she. I really thought the author made you understand both of their lives and you felt like you were in the story with them."

"Very emotional. It is a wonderful journey that will hook you from the get-go."

"I love her books so much. And I love that there is hockey in it!!!! She is one of my favorite authors."

"Loved this could not put it down."

"Thank you to Rachelle Vaughn and her excellent writing skills. This book was wonderful I totally enjoyed it
than you again!!!"

"This was my first book by this author and I wasn't let down. Great story and can't wait to pick up a few more titles from this author."

"Loved it - It was a great book! It really felt like I was there the entire time with the characters and I absolutely fell in love with the sweetheart known as Nathan!!!"

"Beautiful hockey story - This book is so sweet and emotional. The characters keep you interested. I couldn't put this book down. This is going on my keeper list. Buy this story, you will not regret it."

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hockey romance book rachelle vaughn sexy bad boy

The Bad Boys of Hockey

​Book 1

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